Arichat to the World


NovaCan Live Seafood LTD. is committed to supplying the world with the freshest and highest quality live seafood. Pulled directly from our home waters in Atlantic Canada, we take great pride in every pound caught and sold. We work directly with our customers on individual live marketing platforms to bring seafood lovers around the world safe, nutritious and sustainable live seafood products, which set the standard for quality and taste around the world.

Novacan 鲜活海鲜致力于为世界提供最新鲜, 最高质量的活海鲜. 直接从加拿大东岸大西洋捕捞, 我们为我们销售的每一磅所骄傲. 我们与客户直接紧密的合作, 致力与带给全世界海鲜爱好者最安全, 最营养的世界标准的海产品.



  • 2.5lb – 3.5lb - 12-14” claw   /   6(+)” head   /  30-36” tip to tip

    Live Snow Crab 鲜活雪蟹

  • Oysters-03

    Live Oysters

  • libe lobster3

    Live Hardshell Lobster 鲜活硬壳龙虾