Premium Seafoods Group 

“Premium Seafoods Group specializes in Fresh and Frozen seafood. The majority of our seafood is either harvested by us or purchased directly from local fishers. We specialize in fresh North Atlantic seafood including Atlantic Snow Crab, Canadian Lobster, Northern Shrimp, Ocean Perch, and Haddock. As well, we source premium product from around the world including Norwegian Haddock and Pacific Cod.”



Marine Research Centre

The research centre’s goal is to ensure the survivability and the sustainability of marine industries in rural communities through research, innovation, and education.

The centre will focus on research designed to help the local marine and aquaculture industries face new challenges.  NovaCan has partnered with the Research Centre to help grow the understanding of live transport, the effects on various species’ on different transport methods, and assisting in the continual monitoring of species to ensure optimal quality at the retail level.


Taste of Nova Scotia.

Taste of Nova Scotia is a unique, province-wide, marketing program, whose members are committed to offering the very best culinary experience Nova Scotia has to offer.