Caught here. Shipped everywhere.

We are a group of Industry Professionals dedicated to coming together to provide the world with the freshest, safest, most nutritious live seafood product available anywhere in the World.                                                                                                     我们是一群行业专家走到一起, 致力于为世界提供最新鲜的, 最安全的, 最有营养的鲜活海鲜.


Commitment to Quality at Sea   海洋质量承诺

Our unique on board harvesting methods are just the first stage in ensuring that our customers receive nothing but the highest quality live seafood.  Our vessel is equipped with a custom built RSW system which mimics the Snow Crab’s natural temperatures and ensures it is in top form when unloaded at our dock.  Our handpicked fishermen join us in our commitment to sustainable fishing practices, helping to guarantee our Oceans stay healthy and viable for generations to come.                                                                                                                                                                         我们独特的活海鲜上岸方式是保证我们的顾客能收到最高质量鲜活海鲜的第一步. 我们的船只装备了独特设计的海水冷却系统, 模仿雪蟹天然的生活环境, 保证他们处于最好的健康状况.
  • RSW system keeping product in top physical and mental condition possible.

  • Chilled Ocean water waiting for first landing

  • Live holding tanks on board

  • Live Snow Crab is caught from a wild trap fishery as far as 200km from shore.

Commitment to Quality on Land  上岸质量承诺

Properly grading, testing, and holding Live Snow Crab in our state-of the art land facility in Arichat, Nova Scotia, ensures that nothing but the freshest, top quality live seafood is shipped to live around the world.                                                                                                                                            我们对雪蟹谨慎的分级, 检验和搬运, 是对我们能把新鲜, 最优质的鲜活海鲜运送到全世界的保证.  
  • It’s painted on our walls!

  • Our open tank system allows us to easily add new, fresh ocean water at any time to keep product in top quality possible.

  • Properly granding to ensure quality suitable for live shipping.

  • NovaCan Live Seafood houses 2 x 47ft live holding tanks that when filled can each hold 20,000L of clean, cold fresh ocean water.

  • Intake line extension day prior to being sunk to deeper water

Commitment to our Customers 对顾客的承诺

We grow together. By working with our customers on an individual, hands on level, we build custom plans to market this healthy, unique product in a way that delivers success for you and the freshest seafood for your customers.                                                                                                                   我们共同成长. 我们的顾客紧密的合作, 确保我们的成功就是顾客的成功.