NovaCan Live Seafood LTD Ready for Crab

Mar 26 2013
By: NovaCan Live Seafood
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The Snow Crab season is set to start in Cape Breton! The Cape Mariner ’04 is ready to head out of Arichat Harbour, captained by Justin Samson, sometime on or just after April 1st 2013.  With special off-season retrofits, the boat is ready more than ever to IMG_1747bring ashore top quality RSW live snow crab.  These updates include better and more efficient handling abilities for offloading live snow crab, custom holds for the cages, more effective water chilling capabilities, and other safety and technical updates.  

Our land facility has also undergone several updates in an effort to provide nothing but the best possible water quality for housing our live Snow Crab.

We are ready to pack the best crab in the world, for the world! Bring on 2013!