Kentucky Crab Boil!

Feb 21 2013
By: NovaCan Live Seafood
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Good old Kentucky Crab Boil anyone? Thanks to the Rural Mom for creating this great recipe and writing such a fantastic review of our Live Snow Crab.   You never know where your product may end up, and it’s great to see those “Wild Canada” claw bands!  Here is some of their blog post; click the link below to find the receipe!

Live Snow Crabs in Kentucky ~ Rural Mom Wicked-Good Kentucky Crab Boil

We may have jelly fish in Cave Run Lake, but the closest we’ll ever get to a live crab in Eastern Kentucky is in an exhibit at the aquarium in Cincinnati. Or so I thought until the little buggers arrived on my doorstep. Shipped direct from Breton Island near Nova Scotia via New York, two plump delectable snow crabs came to dinner (or err, to be dinner) on our farm. Naturally in honor of this memorable event, I had to put together a recipe fit for the occasion and decided to have a Maryland-style crab boil with a down-home twist. As such, theRural Mom Wicked-Good Kentucky Snow Crab Boil was invented.

But before we get cook’n, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of why fresh crabs in the Appalachias makes me giddy…

Even if you are a seafood aficionado, chances are you have never cooked a live snow crab, nor eaten one in a restaurant. Most snow crab is brined (soaked in a salt solution), or boiled in a sugar solution prior to delivery to a restaurant or your local fish market. And while those morsels are certainly still tasty, it’s like any other food upgrade, once you’ve tried the real thing, it’s a whole new level of ‘delectable-yum-in-your-tum’ awesomeness.

Taste-wise, it’s everything you would expect in a great snow crab dish, only fresher, plumper, and all-natural, unscathed by pre-prep solutions, allowing only the amazing pristine flavor to shine through.

It’s also mega-fun to pluck a live crab out of its shipping container…


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