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Spring Fishing is Here!

Apr 13 2015
By: NovaCan Live Seafood
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The 2015 Season is set to begin!


The Cape Mariner 04 has set out on her maiden voyage of 2015 to “dump her traps”, which means Live Canadian Snow Crab will be ready for shipping starting April 21, 2015.   With the threat of major ice jams earlier in April, it is very fortunate we are able to get out this early in the season.  This spring shipping season will provide us with excellent quality, due in part to the cold weather we have had this winter causing the species to hibernate more than they might have else wise.  Longer hibernation periods lead to a later molting season than normal, higher meat yield, and better parameters come shipping time.  We love our crabs, and are very much looking forward to sharing them with the world again this year!

NovaCan Live Seafood LTD. is proud to welcome new additions to our group! With our recruitment now complete, we are excited to bring in new talent, energy, and drive to an already highly-energetic and enthusiastic team.  We are proud to have you here Matt, Shane, Noah, and Joann!

Lobster sseason starts May 1st, and we are looking to increase our exports of this product to more overseas markets.  Last year our mortality was well under the industry average for International shipments, and we are proud to have unprecedented access to Nova Scotias’ top quality hard shell lobsters, right here at our doorstep.  Start putting inquiries in today, for shipments to begin May 4th-9th.

Arichat to the World!  Let’s go 2015!




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