C.B Company Ships Crab Worldwide

Feb 28 2013
By: NovaCan Live Seafood
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Many thanks to Colleen Cosgrove for this fantastic article!


AN INNOVATIVE company in Arichat, Richmond County, has quietly worked out a method to move live snow crab to hungry markets around the world.


Frozen snow crab harvested off the coast of Nova Scotia has fed the masses for decades, but shipping the product live has long been thought impossible due to low survival rates.

That was until NovaCan Live Seafood Ltd. came along with an entirely new ship-to-shore-to-dinner table process that has put another Nova Scotia seafood product in stores worldwide.

It all started when one of the company’s founders noticed there was a worldwide appetite for live snow crab.

“We realized we had a product here in Nova Scotia and that there was a market for live crab we didn’t know was out there,” NovaCan general manager Andrew Burch said in an interview Wednesday. “Then we had to figure out how to work with the product, how to ship it and how to get the best possible product to market.”

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